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Friday, April 15, 2011

Appalachian Bound!

I'm heading out in a couple hours to a little town called Burnsville in the northwest corner of North Carolina. I bought land there last year in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, just four miles from the eponymous trail I love so much. Eventually, when I can afford it, I'll build a little log home on that land and move down there full time to write away from the muse-sucking sprawl that is suburbia.

My land, let me show you it :-) (Click to embiggen.)

The high-tech front gate to the private "road" that cuts through my property.

By far the coolest feature on the whole 30 acres, w/the woman I bought the land from posing for scale.

One of the views from the taller ridgeline on the property.

The entrance to my property, from the property looking out.

In the meanwhile, I must content myself with occasional visits. I'll be gone until next Saturday. There is internet, and I will make my regular blog posts, but I won't be hanging round Twitter or the like very much until I get back to Jersey.

To make it up to you, have some eye candy, beneath the cut. Let's go with country boys today in honor of my trip :-)


  1. I love you will eventually be in my neck of the woods!!! I live in the foothills on the other side of your mountain...practically neighbors. I've lived here all my life, have traveled a large part of the US, but have to say, this is about the most beautiful area to be found.

    Enjoy your visit. :)

  2. I.love.your.land! That is beautiful! It has my camera calling out to me and gives me itchy trigger finger!

    Enjoy yourself m'dear. :)

    Oh, and your eye candy is coming home with me. Just sayin.

  3. @Monika: Nowai! What town are you in?

    @Amara: When I get the house built (which, honestly, probably won't be for at least five years unless my books suddenly become bestsellers :-p), I'll throw a big open party for anyone who feels like hauling their ass down here. A little mini-convention in my giant backyard :D Everyone can bring sleeping bags and tents and camp outside, and we'll do a bonfire and s'mores and sexy campfire stories :D

  4. Mmmmm s'mores at Rachels I'm there! :D


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