Welcome to my little corner of the gay erotic romance universe . . . well, half of it, anyway. (You can find the other half at RachelHaimowitz.com.) This is the place to come for sneak previews of new projects, release information, and the occasional M/M book review. I'll also share thoughts on the industry on occasion, and I hope you'll come share yours in return.

In the Works

Updated September 21, 2011.

Under Contract, Coming Soon(er or later)

December 20, 2011: Break and Enter, a 27K-word cyberpunk M/M novella co-written with Aleksandr Voinov. Releasing with Samhain Publishing. Add it to your Samhain wishlist or your Goodreads shelf!

Finished, Looking for a Home

White Lies, a mainstream psychological thriller featuring a reporter who goes missing in Afghanistan for three months. He comes back without his camera crew--still missing--but the giant holes in his memory, and the trauma of what little he can remember, makes finding out what happened to them tricky at best. Currently making the rounds with agents.

Currently Writing

Kinkapalooza Novel with my beloved co-writer Cat Grant. This is hardcore BDSM--a reluctant total power exchange situation between a filthy rich guy named Jonathan who's been burned enough to believe people will only ever love him for his money, and a strong-willed, self-sufficient construction worker who dreams of bigger things and whose submissive side is so deeply buried he may not actually even be submissive. Currently at about 60,000 words. Expecting it to be at least twice as long, so it may end up being two books. Look for this in the summer.

Telepathy!sex with my beloved co-writer Aleksandr Voinov. We're only a few thousand words into this, but I don't think it'll end up being very long. Currently on hold for Kinkapalooza.

Another episode in the Master Class series. Nicky is a bad boy, and Devon outsources his discipline. I'm about 8,000 words into what I think will be roughly a 15,000-word story. Currently on hold for Kinkapalooza.

In the Planning Stages

The sequel to Break & Enter. There's a brother. And daddy issues. And Bear being a badass.

A shifter anthology made up of three 20,000-word novellas all set in the same world. Tentative contributors are myself, Aleksandr Voinov, and Kari Gregg. (Update: This has been put on hold and may turn into a capture anthology instead with the same authors.)

The sequel to Anchored. Which, actually, is a prequel, as it takes place a few years before the story events in Anchored. It is not a happy book, even by my standards.

The actual sequel to Anchored. Daniel and Carl will have their HEA, I promise.

And yet another book in the Belonging-verse, a novella about a slave boxer.

And yet another book in the Belonging-verse that follows the struggles and eventual salvation of a very young man who inherits mounds of debt and the guardianship of two younger siblings. He must turn to questionable practices to keep his family out of slavery, but in doing so, he learns that love sometimes hides even in the darkest places . . . (You can read more about this, complete with character photo, here.)

The prequel to Break and Enter. It'll explore Cyke's days in the military when he first gets his hardware, the price he's willing to pay to make it happen, and why it means so damn much to him in the first place.

Some organ-harvesting fiasco. I'm not even sure if it'll be a short or a novella or a novel or what. Hasn't really taken shape yet.

Hot dubcon gun!kink and sexy soldiers in SERE training.

Cruise ship + vortex. 'Nuff said.
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