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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sexy New Boy and a Story to Go w/Him!

Happy Friday, folks! I've been tumbling way more than is probably strictly healthy lately, but in the process I came across this little gem of inspiration. (Which you may have seen, oh, eight or twelve times if you follow me on Twitter.) I named him Ben. I think you'll rather like him. (Photo linked rather than posted to respect the photographer's copyright.)

Look at him, just braced up against that wall, waiting for his whipping like a good boy. He's nervous, but he's not gonna run. And I'll tell you why beneath the jump.

Ben, you see, lives in the world of Belonging (home of Anchored, Where He Belongs, and Counterpunch.) His mother's just died. She's left him a heap of debt, a house in pre-foreclosure, and custody of his two little sisters. He has to quit college and find a job, fast, before social services takes his sisters away from him and the bank repossesses their home. 

But what's a boy to do with no skills and no college education? He thinks about conscripting himself into slavery to pay off the debts and the house so his sisters will have a future, but with no one to watch them, they'd go into foster care. Kids only get three years in the system; if they don't age out or get adopted, they simply turn into government property. 

So selling himself isn't even an option, at least not really. But oh, Helpful Social Worker, what's this suggestion you have? You know a place where Ben can earn some serious cash? Of course he won't tell anyone you told him. And of course he'll go. Whatever it is, he'll do it.

Turns out it's a rather hardcore BDSM club. No, they don't want to buy Ben, they just want to use him as a bottom-for-hire. After all, anyone can dominate a slave; where's the fun in that? The real thrills are in dominating a freeman. 

Oh how Ben hates it. Hates the submission, the humiliation, the pain. Hates worst of all pretending that he doesn't hate it, because for a thousand bucks a night, he'd damn well better keep his clients happy. And hey, it's keeping the creditors off his back and his sisters in his care, so it's gotta be worth it, right?

And then along comes Grayson, a mysterious older client who sees right through Ben's facade. Yet he keeps coming back and back and back again, until one day he just invites Ben home. Will Ben go with him? Well, you'll have to read the book to see how that all turns out.

Might be a little while though. I still have to write it. :-p

So, tell me. Which would you rather see first? Ben and Grayson's story? Or Daniel and Carl getting their HEA at last? I'll write both eventually, but one should release in February, and the other probably not until the fall of 2012.

(Also if anyone knows who this model is or if he's done other work--especially stock photos--PLMK. I very much want him on the cover of Ben's book.)


  1. Ben, W00T!
    Grayson, W00T!

    *whispers* Still Ben & Grayson first. Yes, this one. :D

  2. This sounds wonderful, but I really, really want to read DanIel's HEA first. :D

  3. Um both. Released at the same time.

    Surely that's not too much to ask ;).

  4. I don't have a preference, though I do love me a HEA...

  5. I want to read both, but Ben and Carl first please. My birthday's in February so I shall imagine that whichever one you decide to write first was written entirely for me. No one ever said I had to live in realityville...it's too boring there xx

  6. Thanks for all the fb so far, folks!

    @Jenre: You're cheating :-p

    @Wusswoo: Did you mean Ben and Grayson, or Daniel and Carl? ;)

  7. I want want want to read both, anyway. Like right now. *lol*

    I'd love to read the sequel to Anchored first, but in the end it's totally your choice because I think you should go with what your gut or muse is telling you to do first. Er. You know what I mean. *lol* :)

  8. I"d LOVE to know who that model is, too. He is scrummy (scumptious + yummy). His eyes are incredible! Gay or straight - what do y'all think?

  9. I'd vote for gay, but that's quite possibly just because I'd rather fantasize about him with another guy than with a woman.

    And oh my yes, the eyes are what sold me, too :D

  10. Well I love my print books but also buy pdf books if not too long.
    How about self pub with combining both Master class books and maybe some extras to make it worthwhile to print and purchase a longer book.
    Really need to read more of Belonging--love those guys but love Nicky and Devon too!!
    Please keep writing--- faster????

  11. @Unknown: Thanks for the insight :) Unfortunately I can't do a self-pub w/the two MC books because Riptide holds the contracts, but sales on MC are very strong so it's possible we'll take the two of them to print together; we have discussed that as a potential for next year. Odds are we'll wait, though, since I have some other MC stories in the works, and it's usually nice to try to hit 50K words or so before you take a book to print.

    And LOL, yes, I promise always to keep writing as long as I'm capable. Faster? Probably not. But I'll do my best :D

  12. Damn you, woman. You're making me choose between Belonging-verse stories?

    I like the sound of this one, but Daniel touched my soul when I read him, so I'd like to read his HEA too.

    I'll read them both, and I don't care which one's first. I refuse to help you pick.

    Wench. ;)

  13. @Adara: Yeah, no, I think I have to write Ben's story now. The bunny, it is BREEDING IN MY BRAIN ZOMG.

  14. I'll settle for either story first, but I do want Daniel and Carl's HEA.

  15. Hi Josie!

    I've found myself starting to write Ben's story, though it's morphed a little bit in the interim because Power Play ended up being very similar in terms of core construction (reluctant bitter sub finds twue wuv w/the right Dom) and I didn't want to repeat myself. But Daniel and Carl are still kicking around in my head and I doubt they'll let me rest before their own story's finished :)

  16. I can't wait to read both their stories! Though, I really want to read Ben's story first. I just need to keep in mind that Daniel and Carl get a HEA in the future and that I just need to patiently wait, since chasing after the author with a pitchfork won't help. :P Anyways, can't wait!

  17. Also, I think that model is Chris McNally. It looks like him. I know he supposedly signed with Adam-NYC and that Paul Reitz photographed him a couple of times. Hope that helps! :)


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