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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Give Me Your Worst and Win a Book!

I have a missing guest again, so I'm pinch-hitting today, and it's short and sweet. I'm on the hunt for a spectacular insult. Funny, playful, not too cruel. And the real challenge? It can't be more than 129 characters long.

What's this for, you ask? Well, I'm coming up on my 8,000th tweet on Twitter. I've started a little tradition of using every thousandth tweet to insult my dear friend and writing buddy Kari Gregg. After seven 129-character insults, I'm running out of ideas. I need help. And quickly, too--I'm only 25 tweets away.

So, leave your worst (or your best!) in the comments. Nothing hateful. We're all adults here, so I don't think I need to mention the things that are Not Okay, but do please avoid the Not Okay things. In-jokes are fine, as gay erotic romance is a pretty small community and we all know each other's secrets here anyway.

Best insult gets a prize--winner's choice of an ebook from my backlist, OR a free copy of the upcoming Where He Belongs, OR some neat swag (t-shirt or tote bag or notebook or mug or the like, domestic winners only for the swag).

So have fun, and have at it! 


  1. Insults, huh? Like "You're so ugly, you make Nick Nolte's mugshot look like Hugh Jackman in a Speedo"? Hmm, must think on this ... normally I'm good at insults, but not with prep time.:D

  2. LOL, that one's especially funny, actually, because when I needed an author photo for Kari for our feud site, I used Nick Nolte's mug shot :-p

  3. Ha! Yeah, that's ... one of the most unflattering pictures of all time. Oy.

  4. You're so stupid, you thought a Prince Albert was a hemophiliac Royal consort.


    No, wait ...

  5. You're nuttier than squirrel's sh*t.
    (my hubby's fav) - lol

  6. Hmmmm You're crazier than Britney Spears on a bender


    You... off my planet! (heard that once somehwere!)

  7. Thanks so much to everyone for participating in this :D I got a lot of fun entries on Twitter and some good ones here too, but in the end I actually went with the first one to come in. So, congrats to Andrea Speed for her Nick Nolte crack, which just got hurled at Kari Gregg as my 8,000th tweet :D Andrea, you get a backlist book of choice!


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