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Friday, May 27, 2011

Chat and Win with Savannah Chase

EDIT: My apologies, folks--I forgot to mention that one lucky commenter will win a copy of Savannah's new book, Unwrap Me!

Let's all give a warm welcome this morning to award-winning erotic romance author Savannah Chase! She's here to answer some questions and share a steamy excerpt from her latest release. As always, let's begin with some cover art and a blurb.

Makayla has the perfect boyfriend and a fulfilling job. A hot, sinful threesome would make things perfect for this prim and proper librarian. An upcoming anniversary provides the ideal opportunity, if only she can gather the nerves to ask. Confessing could bring her ultimate pleasure, or end her relationship forever.

Is the risk of losing one man really worth a forbidden fantasy?

Sound fun? You can purchase Unwrap Me at Amazon.

And now I'll turn the floor over to Savannah for her interview and excerpt, beneath the jump.

What draws you to romance?

I just love the feelings and emotions that go along with romance. It is an explosion inside you when you are in love. You are bursting with so much and you want to express it.

Have you ever written outside the romance genre? If not, do you ever plan to?

SC: No I’ve never written anything other than romance. I do write different genres of romance. I think the reason for my never venturing out is because this is my passion. Romance is something we all love and it makes us feel good.

What’s your own sexiest feature?

SC: I would have to say my eyes.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

SC: Running through my grandparent’s garden and picking strawberries that they use to have with all the other vegetables. I would spend hours there.

Who are your latest crushes (celebrity, book character, or otherwise)? Do you ever keep those people in your mind when writing your own works?

SC: I’m crushing on Jared Leto; he’s an actor and the lead singer of my fave bank 30 Seconds To Mars. Oh he has inspired a character in one of my stories called Two Hearts. It should be out in an anthology later this year.

If you could pick anyone in the world to be the cover model(s) on your latest release, who would it be?

SC: Ohh there are so many people. I would love to have Jared Leto on one of my rock star inspired books. He is a rock star in real life and would be perfect.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of writing?

SC: I love doing craft type things. I find it to be relaxing.

What would constitute your own personal happily ever after?

SC: I haven’t fully found my own happily ever after so I’m still waiting on that to happen. I will say happily ever after to me would be finding the one person who loves you just as much as you love them. They are the missing puzzle in your life. The one who completes you. Also being healthy and surrounded by family.

Do you own an ereader? Why or why not? If so, what’s on it?

SC: Sadly I don’t own one. Why? There are so many to pick from and I can’t make up my mind. I do read eBooks on the eBook program I have on my Smartphone. Not sure if that counts. Right now I’m currently reading The Vampire and The Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks.

Are you a book hoarder?

SC: For sure. I have books in boxes, under my bed, on my desk. They are all over. I have come to the conclusion I must get rid of a few because I’m running out of room.

Where are your favorite online hangouts? What are your daily must-stop blogs and websites?

SC: I have a list of about 50 plus blogs I subscribe to so you probably will find me hopping from one place to the next catching up. For non author places YouTube is one place I visit every day since I need my music fix.

Speaking of online hangouts, where are yours? Where can your readers find you?

You can find me at my official site at http://www.savannahchase.com

What’s your current book list and where can we buy them?

Bid for Love available at Lyrical Press
Pleasure after the Pain available at Red Rose Publishing

One Touch One Glance: A Collection of Romance Tales at Amazon

Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology at Amazon

Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology at Amazon 

Taste of Passion available at Dare Empire

Last Night available at Red Rose Publishing

Unwrap Me available at Dare Empire

Anything else you’d like to add?

I want to thank you for letting me be your guest today on your site. I had a blast doing this interview. Also to everyone, no matter what your dream is, never give up. All your hard work will pay off.

* * * * *

Thanks to Savannah for joining us today. She'd like to leave us with a steamy little excerpt from Unwrap Me:

Makayla awoke to a hot, searing kiss. It came fast and full of hunger, setting every part of her being on fire. Her pulse raced frantically. Her heart beat out of control. She reciprocated the kiss and delved her tongue into his warm, inviting mouth as he sensually explored hers. The man’s lips abandoned her suddenly. It left her unsatisfied and wanting more. She sat up in disapproval. Why had he left? You didn’t get a woman all worked up and then vanish. 

Looking around, she saw that she was sitting in a four-poster bed that was not her own. Each post was carved with statues of nude women. So exquisite, and intriguing. Her surroundings were ones she’d never seen before.
The walls were painted a dark, burgundy color. The furniture appeared classic and antique. Erotic paintings of nude women hung on the walls. The room was dim, but lit by beautiful candlelight.

“Josh, where did you go?” she called out.

Silence filled the room.

In the blink of an eye, she found herself standing next to the bed dressed in a silk, sheer white, floor-length nightgown.

Suddenly, the black-haired stranger reappeared in the room once again. He wore nothing but a black mask concealing his identity. It wasn't Josh. But who was this mysterious stranger?

He moved like a tiger- so graceful- as he walked toward her. Each footstep quiet as it hit the floor. Every contour of his body beautifully sculpted. The color of his skin reminded her of sweet caramel.

She had an urge to run her tongue down his body. Their eyes met as arousal began to slowly take over her. His brown eyes locked on her. She couldn’t deny the fact that everything about him was inviting in every possible way. How could she lust after another man when Josh was her everything? This was just a dream. Something her mind concocted because of the events of last evening. She'd never betray Josh, no matter what. 

She reached out and touched his chest the moment he stopped in front of her. His flesh was warm, so soft. His eyes seemed to gaze through hers, as if they were looking right into her soul.

* * * * *

Savannah writes erotica, and she writes romance. Whether you want sweaty sex or sweet romance, She’s written just the thing for you.

Savannah Chase started putting pen to paper as a young schoolgirl. Music inspired her to write lyrics, which eventually turned into stories. Her stories have gotten better, longer and so much more erotic as the years passed. She is a hopeless romantic who believes that everyone has a soul mate. Savannah is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, and Erotic Authors Association. She currently resides in Canada.


  1. Rachel I want to thank you for inviting me to be your guest here on the site today. It was a pleasure to do the interview. Thank you so much.

  2. Good lord you get up early :-p It was lovely to have you!

  3. Rachel, as the saying goes the early bird gets the worm..LOL..

  4. Sure, but by the same logic, the early worm gets eaten! :-p


    ONE lucky winner will receive a copy of Unwrap Me. All you have to do is comment here and make sure to leave your email. Monday I will announce the winner.

  6. The early worm shouldn't party all night. Would love a copy.

    zombvampire{at ]gmail[D0T}com

  7. Such a nice interview and now I feel so much better. If Savannah Chase has books all around ..so can I. ha ha I do have one place where only one book is found. The bathroom. ha ha I love all my "friends" to be handy and so I can grab one when ever I want. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us. Your happy ever after is the best answer. I agree 100 per cent. I found mine 48 years ago and we are like a puzzle..separate us and it's sure not complete. Happy Memorial Day and do hope I get entered for the contest as I would love to win your book. susan Leech garysue@dejazzd.com

  8. @ruth: Alas, this early worm is generally a pretty nocturnal worm. Not much of a partier though, more of a "sit and write while the world is sleeping" worm :-p

    @susan: D'awww, congrats on 48 years! :D And no worries, you're entered into the contest just by commenting.

  9. I knew I loved you and your writing Sav, but I didn't know you were reding my mind when you wrote this book. Great premis. I can't wait to read it.

  10. Awesome excerpt. I love music almost as much as you. I'd love to see Jared Leto on one of your covers! Thanks for sharing- great interview.

  11. I've already got my copy of Unwrap me, so you don't need to enter me into the drawing.

    What a great interview! Savannah, you are the coolest chick I know. =D

  12. I'm going to have to check out who Jared Leto is. I'm a sucker for Nathan Fallion. :)

  13. @Ruth thank you for coming by...

    @Susan thank you so much for coming by and taking time to read my interview. It is a little different look at who I am. Oh and yes you can have books all over..I think the places keep growing with where I leave them..LL

    @AJ LOL... I know all you dirt secrets..LOL..Thank you so much...

  14. @Kissa thank you for taking time to stop by..I'm addicted to music...It runs through me...Oh Jarod would be a dream come true...

    @Casey thank you..So are you....It means so much that you always support me and my work...

    @Ciara oh Jarod is a hottie and you are right Nathon is just hot too..I miss him as Mal on Firefly...

  15. This sounds like a great story. I would love to win a copy of it.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  16. Hey Savannah, this sounds like a fun read. Especially for the summer!

    You've got to get a bigger eReader :-)

    And I definitely agree with you about finding the "right" happily ever after.

  17. @Angela thank you so much for coming by. Oh yes this will add some heat to your day...Thank you for your support...

  18. I've got a copy of Unwrap me, so you don't need to enter me into the draw, but just wanted to show my support for Savannah here. She is a super writer and lady.

    The winner will be very happy with this book!


  19. Eden thank you so much. The support means so much coming from you. You are amazing as well.

  20. Hi guys, Happy Memorial Day....I wanted to announce the winner...The lucky winner who will be getting a copy of Unwrap Me is Susan L...

    Huge congrats Susan..I've emailed you your book already...

    Thank you to all of you for coming by to show your support. It means so much to me.


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