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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Blog Hop Stop - Win a Kindle!

*waves at all the blog hoppers*

Given the theme of today's hop, I almost did something horror-related, but in the end decided to post a preview of mine and Cat Grant's upcoming pair of novels releasing this spring, Power Play: Resistance and Power Play: Awakening. (Which, who knows, might horrify some of you after all ;-p) If you scroll down to the previous entry, you can see the first of our ridiculously amazing cover art, custom-painted courtesy of Riptide Publishing. And if you click beneath the jump, you'll see, well, something distinctly not safe for work. And also, of course, the link to the next blog in the hop, which you'll need to make your way to the entry form for the day's big prize--a shiny new Kindle! (If a little guy-on-guy kink play isn't your thing, scroll down past the excerpt to find the next hop link.)

Clickety clickety!

Still lost in the pleasure of the fucking machine, Brandon didn’t even seem to notice when Jonathan stepped away to the toy rack, scanned it for the perfect implement. Ah, there it was--a ten-inch leather strap, not too soft, not too heavy, not too wide. He plucked it off the rack, tested it against his palm with a satisfying slap. Brandon’s shoulders jerked at the sound, eyes flying open, shaking off the pleasure haze in a fit of nerves.

He’d be jerking even harder in another minute or so. Might as well get on with it. Jonathan circled back to where Brandon hung in his bonds, reached out for his cock, began stroking him again. “Focus on this,” he said softly, “Keep your mind on the pleasure. That cock in your ass, my hand on your cock.” Another stroke, and then down came the strap, right on the underside of Brandon’s bound balls, hard enough to make him cry out with a loud, “Fuck!”

His cock instantly deflated--not all the way, not with that rawhide cord around his genitals--but enough to disappoint Jonathan a little. “Breathe,” Jonathan whispered, brushing a kiss across Brandon’s heaving chest, stroking him back to hardness. “You can do this. You’re strong, Brandon. It doesn’t have to hurt.”

Brandon coughed out a laugh at that, like Jonathan had just told him the most un-funny joke in the world.

Jonathan twisted his hand round the crown of Brandon’s cock--hard again, rock hard--and said, “I mean it.” Leaned in, flicked his tongue across a nipple. “The pain can make this better. Take it, use it. Feel my hand on you, that cock fucking you. When you reach fifteen, I’ll take the cording off; I’ll let you come. Would you like that?”

He hit Brandon’s balls again before the man could answer. Just as hard as last time, and Brandon still shouted like Jonathan had Tasered him, but this time, remarkably, his cock didn’t wither in Jonathan’s hand.

A third strike, and then a fourth right after when Brandon still stayed hard. Jonathan glanced up at him, his heaving chest, his straining arms, the look of sheer concentration on his face, like he was clinging to his pleasure by his fingernails. But he was clinging to it. Jonathan sped the machine up a notch, sucked the crown of Brandon’s cock into his mouth as he reached down to adjust the dial. Whatever he could do to make it easier for Brandon. Make it possible.

“That’s it,” he murmured against Brandon’s shaft. “That’s very good.” Tugged it toward Brandon’s stomach and whapped the strap across the base. Brandon lurched, cried out again, and Jonathan immediately soothed the pain away with his tongue, ran a lubed finger down behind bound balls and slipped it in beside the pumping dildo as he delivered the next strike, this time to the topside of Brandon’s cock, just beneath the head. Another lurch, a moan this time instead of a shout, so Jonathan followed it up with two more, fast and sharp and stinging, as he crooked his finger inside Brandon and found the man’s prostate.

Shit,” Brandon choked out, such a muddle of pleasure and pain in his voice and on his face and in every tense line of his body--so confused, like he hadn’t the first idea how to process this. Probably didn’t, but that was all right; Jonathan would teach him.

To be continued this spring :-) Keep an eye on this space for release dates!

And now off to the next blog in the hop and your chance to win a shiny new e-reader. Thanks for stopping by, and come back again anytime; there's always enough kink here to share ;-)

Have fun at Charmaine Gordon's! And just in case you come across a broken link, you can view the masterlist of the blog hop at the hop's first stop, here (scroll down to the bottom of the post).


  1. Oh my goodness....can NOT wait to read these books! And the cover looks yummy! Keep us posted please!

  2. Godammit! The spring too damn far away! But close enough. :D

  3. :) Thanks for posting!

  4. Oh my, delicious! Thanks so much for the tease!
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  5. WoW, that heated up my day. Thanks for the excerpt.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  6. @Aija: Pretty much everything about publishing is "hurry up and wait," alas. But hopefully it'll be worth it!

    @savannah: Thanks for stopping by!

    @June: Glad you enjoyed--thanks for commenting!

    @Linda: \o/ That made me very happy to hear, thank you!

  7. Great blog hop, I have really enjoy it.

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  9. Ummm *wipes drool off face, hopes no one saw* Thanks for the post :)

  10. ::fans self:: That was HOT! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Lord have mercy! It's hawt in here!!

    Thank you so much for participating in this blog hop! I'm having a ton of fun!!

    Gena Robertson

  12. Wow--hot scene!


  13. I usually don't read mm, but beautiful covers and eye candy!! I love tho reading alot of sizzling romances! So good to meet you!

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  14. I love reading m/m books and look for to reading your books.
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