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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rainbow Book Fair Recap

Last weekend, I attended the Rainbow Book Fair on behalf of Riptide Publishing. It was actually more fun this year than last year, which I didn't think was possible, so next year, if you find yourself able to make it down to NYC for the day, definitely do--you won't be sorry!

Lots of amazing things and amazing people, authors as well as readers. It's so wonderful to talk to folks, and especially interesting to connect with people who don't read ebooks or maybe even have computers, who come to the Fair to look for stories about people like themselves finding well-deserved happiness and love, to hear their joy and finding so many gems, to see people wheeling out whole suitcases full of reading material to last them until the next Fair. I seriously could gush about the RBF forever, so I'm just going to stop myself now and share some photos with you instead, beneath the jump. (As always, click to embiggen.)

The Riptide table + Editorial Assistant Alex Whitehall's headless body.

JMS books, a small press doing some excellent work in the genre.

The almost painfully adorable J.P. Barnaby, who I am always delighted to see.

Andrew Grey (AKA The Sweetest Man In the World), Eden Winters, and Zahra Owens manning the DSP table

Linda Reilly, tirelessly manning the All Male Romance table for a great many of us.

Kris Piet, one of the owners of Storm Moon Press (who published Crescendo and Where He Belongs) 

Damon Suede and Taylor Donovan, smiling wide because it's not possible to stand next to either of those two and NOT be happy.

The actually-painfully-adorable Brien Michaels, who helped out at the Riptide table all day.

Elisa Rolle (yes, that one), who flew across the pond for  the Fair and is just as lovely in person as you'd imagine such a champion of the genre would be.

Amy Lane, creator of the Best Pass Ever, standing in front of the Best Backdrop Ever :-) But shun her; she did NOT knit that scarf! *gasp*

Awww! Tibby Armstrong being her shamelessly sweet and adorable self. 


  1. Slightly ashamed to admit I had on idea this book fair existed. WOW, it looks like such fun though. Must get myself to it one of these years :)

  2. It's a fairly small regional event, and I'm always a little surprised to see people travel long distances for it, but since it's in Manhattan, it's a great excuse for a vacation and there's tons to do before and after the Fair. Aside from the amazing venue, though, I think one of the things that makes it so awesome is that SO MANY authors in the genre come out for it, so it's a great opportunity to meet folks and chat and share lots and lots of books :D

  3. Such good memories! Thank you for letting me tag along. :)

  4. Great pics, Rachel. Look at those print covers! And the familiar smiling faces from GRL, my girl Taylor, Damon, Eden... I so want to go next year.

  5. You so totally should! Plenty of us live nearby if you want a place to crash instead of paying for a hotel in the city.


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