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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Win Tons of Prizes with the MFRW Leap Year Blog Hop!

Today is a rare occurrence round these parts for two reasons. For one, it's a leap year, and I'm celebrating with a lovely group of authors by joining in a blog hop and giving away some free books. I've put up all my first-in-series stuff: Counterpoint, Anchored, and Master Class, and you can win just by commenting on this post. There are lots of other great prizes to go around too, so be sure to visit all the other blogs on the hop!

My other rare occurrence is that I finished the first draft of a novel today--Power Play: Awakening, the sequel to Power Play: Resistance and the final novel in the two-book BDSM kinkapalooza that is the Power Play series. That happens more than once every four years, thank God, but not so much that it isn't worth a moment's celebration :-) So to my lovely co-author Cat Grant and to all you lovely readers out there, I say Yay! and Thank you for sticking it out with me. I wish I could celebrate by showing you cover pretties for PPA (to the left are some cover pretties for PPR, so you can see why I'm so anxious to see what our brilliant artist will come up with next!), but how about a brief snippet of sneak-preview smut, instead? :-D

Its, erm, pretty smutty--and also D/s; our poor sub is getting covered in clothespins--so, sneak peek beneath the jump. Before I cut to that, though, just a quick note that I'll be drawing the winner of the Nook from my Valentine's Day Spread the Love contest at the same time I draw the winner of the three free books for the Leap Year Blog Hop contest :-) Now then, smut beneath the jump!

Jonathan knew all the tricks, all of Bran’s hot zones, and woke up Bran’s flagging erection in no time despite the pain. Bran pressed his forehead to one bound arm and let all the sensations sink in: the hard pinch of the clothespins, the soft brush of Jonathan’s lips, the firm pull of Jonathan’s fingers, the egg vibrating in his ass. In a way, the relentlessness of the hurt made things easier--no sudden shocks to jolt him from his tenuous focus. He let his mind drift, concentrated on the low hum of pleasure, let the pain fade into the background.

He barely even noticed when Jonathan pinched up some skin low on his left belly, near the groin. More aware of the pin going on, but like the pain in his hands, he could process and dismiss it, bury it beneath the pleasure, even though Jonathan had stopped stroking him for the moment, even though the bite built and built for several seconds before leveling out. Another pin just an inch or so above the first, and then three more in a neat line from groin to floating rib. Starting to get hard to ignore. Really hard, and speaking of hard . . . other bits of him were starting not to be.

Jonathan must’ve noticed, because he put the pins down and grabbed Bran’s dick. Hands still oil-slick and skilled as ever. Bran let his head thunk back against the wall, closed his eyes and tried to narrow his world to dick and ass. But he felt lopsided somehow, like his left half was bigger than his right, hotter, more insistent, and shit but he wanted those pins off off off, even just for a second, a chance to breathe, to regroup, to--

Lips on his own, pillow-soft. A tongue shoving past his lips, swiping across his clenched teeth. Jonathan wanted inside and Bran wanted to give him what he wanted, but he couldn’t focus on two things at once right now, couldn’t relax his jaw without letting all kinds of embarrassing things slip out.

A weakness Jonathan made him pay for by pulling back, taking away his kiss. “Easy, Brandon, it’s all right.” Lips returning, pressing to his cheek, his exposed throat, working up a mark with a head-spinning mix of lips and teeth and suction and tongue and oh God that felt good, more, please, more . . . “That’s it,” Jonathan murmured against the underside of his jaw. A nip of teeth there, then at his chin, back to his lips, and somehow Jonathan’s tongue was in his mouth now and he realized he was moaning, whimpering, fighting his bindings to chase that touch when Jonathan pulled back again and whispered, “There’s my good boy. So beautiful. So strong. Look at you--I wish you could see yourself, see how gorgeous you are like this.”

Shit, what those words did to him--he burned beneath Jonathan’s touch, Jonathan’s tongue, Jonathan’s praise--the pain and the pleasure all swirling together in one tight knot of heat and yes and more, hands and left flank and lips and groin and ass all ten times too big to wrap his mind around so he didn’t even bother trying, just let it all mix and mesh and melt in his head until none of it made any sense anymore and not even his confusion mattered.

Jonathan. Jonathan matters.

* * *

That's all for now, folks, but keep an eye on this space for a release date for Power Play: Awakening, and if you'd like to learn more about Power Play: Resistance, you can do that here.

Now don't forget--more fun and prizes on the MFRW Leap Year Blog Hop! Your next stop is Janice Seagrave's blog, and she's giving away a Puka shell necklace to one lucky commenter, so be sure to stop by and say hi! And don't forget to comment here to win three free books. 

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your extra day this year! :-)


  1. Thanks so much for the blog hop, will take a look around. I'd love to win a copy of Anchored, I have Master Class and really enjoyed that. I've also pre orderd Power Play. Thanks

  2. Kinkapalooza ;-)

    That was a nice, eye opening excerpt to start my day.


  3. Jumping in to say hello and Happy Leap Day. Not entering, just enjoying the cool reads!

  4. Love the excerpt. ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

    menina.iscrazy @ yahoo.com

  5. Congratulations on finishing the next book. I KNOW how that feels--although sometimes when you've clicked SEND & it's over I get the same feeling I do when a renovation is finally done...sort of hmmmm. You? M. S. Spencer

  6. @Josie: Glad to hear you enjoyed Master Class; I suspect you'll like Power Play as much or more, as it touches on many similar themes but is much, much longer. Also, Devon and Nicky make a cameo in both the Power Play books :)

    @Anne: :D There'll be more as the books clear editing. Keep an eye out!

    @Kayelle: Thanks for stopping by!

    @menina: Aw, thank you! And thanks for commenting! (Congrats on the win, btw!)

    @mssellsworth: Thank you so much :D It is easily one of the best feelings in the world to type (well, okay, not actually type, but metaphorically) "The end." Haven't hit send yet, since we need to do a round of our own edits before it goes off to our editor, but yeah, there's always this moment of, huh, did I do everything I could do to make it as strong as it could be? I think that sort of never goes away, but you do reach a point where you learn how to say, "Ok, this is done," even though you could easily go back through it another dozen times.

  7. I loved reading Anchored...it was dark and captivating all at the same time.


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