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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-week Hotties :D

Crescendo edits are due in about three weeks, and between that and the Seekrit Project (more on that soon!) I'm doing with Aleks Voinov and another lovely M/M writer, I'm a bit crunched for time. So of course that means picspam instead of a real blog post :D

I'm still on a total XMFC kick, so I bring you James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender being drop dead sexy, plus some fun animated gifs, beneath the jump.

I could watch James cry forever.

And in between watching James cry forever, I could watch Michael flinch forever.


  1. I've totally been a James fan FOREVER! And i don't know about you, but Mr Fassenbender might work his way into one of my novels.

  2. LOL, I already know of two writers who have worked Fass into one of their novels. Back in February, Aleks and I were filling out a cover art form for Break & Enter, and we sent this picture of Fass as a reference for one of our characters :-p Of course, *snooty hmph*, that was before everyone loved him ;)

  3. They are responsible for entirely too much lost productivity over at casa Haimowitz :-p


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