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Friday, July 1, 2011

Release Day!

Yay, Where He Belongs is officially out today! It's up now on ARe and Amazon (but please consider buying it directly from the publisher if you're interested, as Amazon keeps 65% of the sale price :O !), and it's already gotten some lovely reviews: 4.75 stars at Reviews by Jessewave, 4 stars at Amara's Place, and 5 stars at Between the Covers. Does that mean I can say the critics are raving? ;-D

Anyway, it's just $1.99 and a great introduction to the Belonging universe, even if you haven't read Anchored. I'm popping into a bunch of blogs giving out free books and swag and talking about the Belonging 'verse and writing in general (I'm particularly amused by my stop at LC Chase's), so I hope you'll join me along the way. Don't forget to comment for a chance to win something at every stop!

In other news, I went to the Fantasy, Future, & Paranormal Gathering tonight at the RWA national convention. I was unable to attend the rest of the convention, but it was nice to jaunt into Manhattan and meet a whole bunch of new writers and editors, several of whom attended the Gathering in superhero costume (photos to come when I'm less exhausted). I also got to meet my writing buddy Kari Gregg in person for the first time tonight, which was most excellent. She and I met up with the electric Damon Suede after the Gathering and nursed drinks for almost three hours in a fabulous little restaurant staffed by gay male models (I shit you not). God, I love New York :D

And because it's apparently become A Thing I Do, let's wrap this up with your daily dose of Michael Fassbender, beneath the jump.


  1. as Amazon keeps 65% of the sale price

    Wow, I knew they took a cut, but jeeze! Glad I almost always purchase straight from the publisher.

  2. Yes, that means you can say the critics are raving.

    Happy release day m'dear. Congrats! *does the awesome book new release dance* W00T!

  3. @Alex: For books priced $2.99 to $9.99 they only take 30%, which is actually pretty great comparatively speaking (B&N takes 35%, ARe takes 40%, Bookstrand takes 50%). But for books under or over that price point, they take 65%, and so does B&N, which makes both those stores hurtful but necessary for shorts. Still, I'd much rather get my share of 70 cents than not have a sale at all, so I certainly don't mind it being there. And pubs and authors are glad you almost always purchase straight from the pub too! :D

    @Chris: Thanks darlin!

    @Amara: Yay! :D Thanks for all the support on your blog and elsewhere :D


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