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Monday, July 18, 2011

Song of the Fallen Fanfiction Contest!

My amazing publisher is outdoing their amazing selves with a very cool contest in celebration of the upcoming Crescendo release: they are holding a Song of the Fallen fanfiction contest, and the first prize is a 50-page manuscript critique!

I'm a huge fan of fanfiction. It's where I got my start in gay romance (Mulder/Krycek first, then Sheppard/McKay, and now Erik/Charles), and I'm absolutely tickled at the prospect of people coming to play in my Song of the Fallen sandbox. So, if the thought has ever crossed your mind, now's the time. You could write . . .

  • A prequel piece exploring Ayden's or Rik's life before they met. Maybe Rik as a child, or Ayden as a newly minted soldier. Maybe the day Ella was born, or the day Rik's father died, or Rik's first day at the academy at High Court (because, oh man, we all know boys' boarding schools are basically pornos waiting to happen ;-p).

  • A sequel piece speculating about what happens after the events of Counterpoint.

  • A piece exploring a missing scene in Counterpoint. Maybe one of those sex scenes that fades to black, or what really goes on between Ayden and Afi in that red cedar at the beginning of the story, or Ella's first meeting with Kona, or... well, you get the point.

  • A POV shift of an already-written scene. Ever think about how Rik's and Ayden's many arguments looked to Lord Lini? Or what Rik's groom was thinking when they were making love in the next room? Or maybe what it was like for Corporal Ekkja to see elven magic in action for the first time as Ayden fights in the Surge? Or what Rik felt and saw and thought while he was playing violin for Ayden that first time?

Anyway, that's just a few ideas. I'm sure you all can think of many more. Stories need not be erotic, of course, but hey, I'd never turn away smut ;D Feel free to get as dark or indulgent (did someone say hurt/comfort? :D) or even (*gasp*) as fluffy as you want. 

There are three prizes up for grabs: a reader favorite, a publisher favorite (that includes me and my editors), and a door prize. The publisher favorite wins a 50-page critique of an original manuscript--and, of course, the possibility of getting said manuscript published at Storm Moon Press. Don't have an original manuscript? Don't worry; the SMP editors will happily offer constructive feedback on your fanfic offering, plus you'll win an autographed copy of Crescendo and a $20 gift certificate.

There are lots of other neat prizes up for grabs too. And my undying love, of course. Because let's face it--nothing's quite so humbling and flattering and just plain awesome as sitting back and relaxing while other people take your characters out to play.

All the rules are here, at the SMP forum. You do need to register for the forum to participate in the contest, but if you want to post your story anonymously, simply register under a pseudonym.

Want to discuss? Share your enthusiasm? Or maybe share a plot bunny that needs a good home? Just leave a comment below :-) And please--spread the word! Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, mention it on Goodreads. Then come back here and tell me where you posted it, and I'll enter you in a drawing for a big fat box of awesome Song of the Fallen swag. If lots and lots of people spread the word, said box may even contain an autographed copy of Counterpoint.  


  1. Hey, I read about this on your twitter and had to come and check it out! I retweeted it and posted it on my facebook page and my blog! I can't wait to see what kinds of stories people write for this contest. I hope you guys get a lot of entries. Im a fan of fanfiction too. Counterpoint was such a great read, it's going to be interesting to see what people do with it now!

  2. Thanks so much, Cainebooks! :D You think you might try your hand at it?

  3. I dont, maybe so! It sounds like fun..

  4. *whispers* Vera much wish I could write. I would do it. Oh yeah. Cuz, ya know... mah Ayden.

    Just sayin.

  5. Where can I read these? :)

  6. I don't think anything ever got posted :(


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