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Monday, June 20, 2011

Where He Belongs Release Party (w/Prizes, Natch) Coming Up!

Happy Monday, folks! Where He Belongs will be releasing in just under two weeks, and I woke up today really feeling the excitement about that for the first time.

My gorgeous cover, let me show u it. Again, I know, but really, it's just that gorgeous :D (Click to embiggen for extra gorgeousness.)

I'll be doing a little mini release party for this, stopping at a few blogs/sites here and there over the next couple weeks. You can find me at:

June 24: Kari Gregg
June 28: Amara's Place, a.k.a. home of the Black Mamba :D
June 29: Well Read by Jenre
June 30: L.C. Chase
July 1: Taboo Indeed
July 2: Brita Addams
July 3: Marie Sexton
July 5 & 7: Reena Jacob's
July 7: Bryl Tyne
July 7: Amber Skyze

Hmm, maybe not so mini after all :-p Anyway, I'll be giving out a prize at every stop to one lucky commenter--some neat WHB swag, a free backlist book here and there--so be sure to visit all my lovely blog hosts. They're pretty awesome folks, so poke around their sites while you're there; you might discover a great many new authors to add to your TBR pile!

And now for the hard sell ;-) You can still pre-order Where He Belongs directly from the publisher for just $1.99 and get access to the book two full days before the official July 1 release date! Plus, each copy you pre-order gives you one entry into a raffle for some very cool prizes.

Okay, hard sell over. Let me make it up to you with some fan-service from McFassy. Because, let's face it, there's no such thing as too much of James McAvoy diving face-first into Michael Fassbender's lap.


  1. Blog tour/New Release W00T! McFassy/McAvoy W00T!

    That is all. ;)

  2. LOL :) I'm having a tiny little freakout right now about what on earth I'm going to talk about on twelve blogs. Please tell me you'd like to do a character interview! (Psst. Victor is in one of the shorts. I'll get you an ARC in a day or three.)

  3. I hope Carl is in one of the shorts, too! *jumps up and down* No! Don't tell me! :)))

    ETA: couldn't type the veri word "iddidict". o_O

  4. LOLOL! A character interview? You're killin' me here... Wait... Victor...?



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