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Monday, June 13, 2011


Yup, still wrapping up Crescendo. But I did take a brief break from writing this week to go see X-Men: First Class. And if you've seen it too, or if you hang with the M/M crowd on Twitter, then you know it probably should have been called "Charles and Erik Get a Room" :-p

So in honor of the slashiest not-actually-intended-to-be-gay movie of all time (heck, even James McAvoy thought Charles and Erik should "have sex and become married"), and given my unhealthy perfectly normal and understandable desire to kidnap and do unspeakable things to obsession with Michael Fassbender, I thought I'd engage in a little picspam some gifs of the finest order today. Oh, and also a fiction rec. If you want to read some smokin hot NSFW Charles/Erik action, you will find it here.

Photos beneath the jump.


  1. I still need to see the movie...I love MF...He is an amazing actor...I first saw him in a British paranormal series where he played a demon...The show was called Hex

  2. The minute I finished watching XMen I wanted fic and was so glad to have found that lovely gem you've linked. So loving these slasharific photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fassbender loves his hats, doesn't he? Gives him kind of a 60's Rat Pack look.

    He and James sure know how to work the slashy vibe. They know what we like! :)

  4. @Savannah: Oh yes! That was kind of a terribe show, but I liked the whole girl-power thing going on there, plus Fass in guyliner was pretty damn hot. (Yes, I'm shallow :-p)

    @Saritza: Did you check out the X-Men: First Class tag on AO3? There's not a whole lot of stuff up there yet and most of it is pretty short, but some of it is really quite beautiful. I'll keep linking to stuff in Twitter as I find things worth sharing.

    @Cat: LOL yeah. He can usually wear the hell out of a hat, too, but lately I think the one he's got on is just to hide that awful awful blond hair he's rocking for Prometheus.

  5. Nice pic spam. :D

    I'm just cruisin' by to say howdy, so... *waves* howdy! :D


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