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Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Poll Time!

What sort of posts would you be interested in reading here in the future? You can select multiple answers.


  1. Maybe I'm too laid back, but I'm happy with whatever you give us.

    Though if you don't feel comfy giving book reviews, per se (I know some authors feel it's not completely appropriate), recommendations of books you did like would be nice :)

  2. I like to see "all things Rachel". What ever Rachel likes, or is doing, or... whatever. It's cool, interesting. Book stuff, or not book stuff, s'all good.

    And ya know, hotties. You always find the goods. :)

  3. Hm. Does that make me sound like a stalker? Maybe. oh well *shrugs* I kind of am.

    I iz watchin' you ;-p


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