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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Charity Auction, Writerly Style

We interrupt the usual Saturday quiet to bring this to your attention: Charity Auction to Save Kitty Kolya.

The auction has just gone up, but there are already some lovely things for offer, including three items from me (digital copies of my entire backlist, a swag bag, and an autographed copy of Counterpoint). If you're a writer, editor, artist, agent, or other creative-type folk who would like to donate something, you can help save a beloved pet's life with your generosity. If you're a reader or writer, you'll find many wonderful things to bid on over the coming days, and the dollars you spend on the bid items will help save a beloved pet's life.

One thing that's just continuously amazed me since I joined the romance community last summer is just how much of a community it is. One of our own is hurting, and needs help. Let's not disappoint. 

Thank you.

**UPDATE** Offers are starting to come in, and we've got some great ones, including all three Infected books from Andrea Speed (Infected: Prey, Infected: Bloodlines, and the brand new Infected: Life after Death), any two digital titles from the Storm Moon Press store, any five backlist titles from Aleksandr Voinov, the entirety of the Sapphire Club series from Brita Adams, a beta read for your own work, and a tarot reading! Go--check it out!

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