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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tour Craziness Countdown!

In two days' time, I get to kick off the Riptide Publishing Grand Opening Celebration (well, technically this is a pre-celebration) at Amara's Place, where Aleks Voinov and I will be spending just over a week dishing out the skinny on our First Wave authors and why we bought their books. I hope you'll join us! There will of course be prizes--a Riptide author author sampler (read: heap of free ebooks) and a big box o' swag--and every post you comment on will earn you an entry into the end-of-year grand prize drawings for one of three awesome prizes: a Nook, a Kindle, and an iPad.

On October 1, the tour kicks off in earnest; our twelve First Wave authors will be making over 70 stops in October alone (and then just as many in November and December), and every single stop will feature unique content! Each stop will also feature a prize giveaway, and the same opportunity to enter into the grand prize drawings.

To that end, I updated my own personal schedule tonight. You can click that link to see everywhere I'll be, both for the Riptide blog tour (where I'll be talking about Riptide in general, my new BDSM novella Master Class, and writing at large) and the Crescendo blog tour. Lots of fun and prizes to be had, so I hope to see you all there!

Edited to add: Michael Fassbender kinda crying, after the jump, since people yelled at me for daring to make a post without him :-p


  1. I look forward to this tour. I love to discover new authors and blog sites.

    See you there!

    Tracey D

  2. Lol... ooh~ So excited to see how this tour will go! Can't wait! >3> I'll probably be there after all the good stuff has been said cuz of the time difference but I'll comment anyways. lol... and Definitely looking forward to the new authors! (for me anyways :D) <33

  3. Timing should be pretty fluid, since we have both authors and editors all over the world. We will do one or two live chats during the tour, but the rest of it will be just in the comments on blogs or in a forum like Goodreads or the Yahoo groups, so you can come by anytime and not miss out on the fun :D

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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