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Friday, September 30, 2011


So, yeah, tomorrow, Riptide Publishing's brand new web store opens and pre-sales for all fifteen of our 2011 titles begins. I am so excited I could puke. And nervous, too. And excited. And kind of a little nauseous. And excited. Did I mention excited?

Jessewave did a little post on us today, and we're wrapping up the pre-party at Amara's today too. (Go check it out--there's still time to comment and get entered in ten separate prize drawings tomorrow!) Which, as it happens, is where we're also kicking off the official Grand Opening Party tomorrow. I hope you'll join us all along the way--there'll be author and editor interviews, guest blogs, excerpts, reviews, and of course prizes prizes prizes! (Did I mention an iPad? Cos, yeah, we're giving one away and I haven't even fondled it first ;-p)

Oh, and you know what else comes out tomorrow? Open submission calls! Four of them, in fact, so be sure to visit our website tomorrow to check those out. No invitation needed :-)

Well, I'm twirling off now to take care of business, and I hope to see you all tomorrow at the ribbon-cutting at Amara's Place!


  1. Yayyyyyy! I'm so EXCITED to be part of the awesomeness of Riptide!!

  2. Woo! So happy for you guys! No need to be nervous, you're doing great :)

  3. And we're . . . at least mildly unirritated to have you ;-p

    (*tacklehugs you and your two-time EPIC nominee awesomeness!*)

  4. OMGOMGOMG! *snoopy dances*

    Could I /be/ more excited? I don't think so.

    *whisper* I second Alex. You guys are doing great! Fantabulously!

  5. Whoo~hoo!! \o/
    It's gonna be great~!!


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