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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Milestone Week!

Happy Monday, all! Two pretty awesome things happened to me since last we spoke:

1. I just wrapped up edits on Crescendo about ten minutes ago. (Click to embiggen the pretty.) It's all over now but for the copyedit pass. I feel, oh, about fifty pounds lighter than I did last night :D

2. OMGOMGOMGOMG RIPTIDE! :O :O :O Hang on, I'll try to stop squeeing long enough to de-cat-macro . . . *deep breath* Okay, yeah, so, on October 1, Riptide Publishing unveiled its new web store and opened for pre-orders. (Every book you pre-order gets you entered into a contest for free books for a year, yay!) We also began our official Grand Opening Celebration, also known as "the 300-stop, multi-author blog tour with thousands and thousands of dollars in prizes."

It's been quite the wild ride already. We're hearing lots of great feedback about our site, and particularly about our innovative warning and tagging system for every book. It'd take a while to explain, so let me just point you at my shiny Master Class book page and tell you to check out all those fancy tabs and toggles at the bottom, especially the "additional details" one. Go on, I'll wait.

Welcome back! (Did you buy stuff? ;-p) Seriously, how neat is that site feature? Isn't that awesome? I'd love to see that everywhere I shop.

So, couple quick tour links for you:

On Saturday, I was at Amara's Place with partners Aleks and Chris for the official ribbon cutting, and there's a loooooooooooooong interview there that I think will be interesting to anyone who's ever wondered what's involved in launching a business.

Also on Saturday, Brief Encounters did a lovely review of Master Class (4.5 stars, yay!), and on Sunday I did a guest blog about the psychological aspects of BDSM there. There are some interesting conversations going on in the comments; I hope you'll come join us!

In the not-all-about-me tour news, Storm Grant had an interview at Literary Nymphs on Saturday, where she was her usual hilarious self. And on Sunday, Peter Hansen was at Loves Books and More discussing the conceits of youth and how WWF chair-bashing fits into your standard writing workshop curriculum :D Today, Brita Addams kicks off an entire week at Amara's Place with a great interview; and Aleks Voinov is over at Erotica For All, dishing on his latest crush, among other things.

Tomorrow I'll be at Erotica For All, too, but I can't for the life of me remember what Lucy interviewed me about. Whatever it was? It was probably awesome. And hey, even if it wasn't, remember that every comment you leave on the tour enters you for a chance to win about a bazillion prizes, so even if I bore you to death, you should still stop on by and throw your hat in for that iPad ;-)


  1. I shall be there tomorrow, claymores in hand to witness the awesome that is your... can't remember interview.


    Congrats on all the great news. Can't wait for mah Ayden. :D

  2. Yay!

    I do have to say that I love the Riptide site. Just the fact that you offer all those additional details (and the toggle button!), is great :) Especially with heavy BDSM and Aleks' books, it's good to know "Okay, humiliation scene is in this book" so I can brace myself for something I might not enjoy.

    Also, the balloons are fantastic, but I may be part cat...so...yeah. Just wanted to give props on all the awesome elements of the site.

    Oh my, I just realized all the social network stuff pops up like Whack-a-Facebook.

  3. That's wonderful to hear, Alex :D We agonized over how to handle the presentation of potentially spoilery details, and were all pretty pleased with the solution. Our web designer is brilliant :D

    (I love the fish balloon :-p)

  4. OMGOMG! I had to force myself not to read the excerpt first chapter! (because i'll go into sever withdrawals I can't read the whole book in one whole) Eeek! I'm so excited for this i'm jittery inside!! lol... I just know i'm going to LOVE this book. \o/ Many congrats again Rachel for your new book(s) and for Riptide!

    haha, and yes. That site feature is definitely awesome!! <33
    Oh! BTW... the cover for Crescendo is so pretty!! ;A; guh! I hope I make it to all the blog tours and posts. So much, I'm sure I'm missing some. lol... anyways, Can't wait till the 30th!! \*o*/

  5. LOL Loveless, I'm the same way. I tend to avoid spoilers and sneak peeks at all costs because I'll just get unbearably excited about things I'm really looking forward to. Thanks for the congrats, and I'm glad you like the site and the Crescendo cover, which, yes, really is pretty damn amazing :D


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