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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fantasy and a Free Book with KC Burn!

Er, it's still Wednesday, right? :-) I'm shaking off some serious con crud from GayRomLit (I blame Kris 'n' Good Books for licking me in my sleep), so I've slept through most of the last two days, but I'm up in time to bring you some fun and a giveaway with the lovely KC Burn. She's here to talk about her new M/M paranormal release, Trompe L'oeil. Let's begin, as always, with a cover and blurb.

When Maxwell, a Depression-era artist, spurns the attentions of his sponsor, he ends up cursed to live out eternity in a painting. The man who cursed him delighted in playing the exhibitionist for Maxwell, and by the time the old man dies, Maxwell longs for his life and body back but he’s pretty sure he never wants to watch anyone have sex ever again. Until he discovers who his new owner is. 
Tyler isn’t sure what to do with a life-sized painting of a nude man, but it was a gift from his sister to ease the pain of a disastrous break up and subsequent coming out. The gorgeous subject of the painting disappeared without a trace decades ago, rumored to have been killed by the painting’s previous owner in a jealous rage. 
Becoming more and more fascinated by the man in his painting, Tyler uses his resources as a history professor to solve the mystery of Maxwell’s disappearance. He finds himself spending more time in his bedroom, talking to the painting, researching, and aching to know the man in person. Meanwhile, Maxwell falls under Tyler’s sweet spell, even though the thickness of canvas might be an insurmountable barrier to cross.

Sound interesting? Leave a comment to enter into a drawing for a free copy!
And now I'll turn the floor over to KC, beneath the jump.


We all have fantasies (currently, mine is to be able to support myself with this writing gig, but I’m not holding my breath).  We have fantasies about finding the perfect mate, about sexual situations we’d probably never try in real life, and about doing both with celebrities.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to fantasize about Gerard Butler’s skills in bed.  Although, if that scene in 300 is anything to go by, he does just fine.  ROWRRRR.  Excuse me while I get sidetracked… the writing thing isn’t my ONLY fantasy ;)

In my newest release, Trompe L’oeil, Tyler’s got a fantasy.  It’s about finding a faithful man who has depth of character and suits his somewhat reserved historian’s personality.  Maybe it’s no surprise he becomes fascinated by the mystery surrounding his new painting of a gorgeous, nude man who was supposedly murdered by his rich lover in the 30s. Maxwell the man becomes more compelling than the mystery and Tyler ends up with a few fantasies starring Maxwell, but he’s completely unaware that Maxwell is trapped in the painting and is having fantasies right back. The question, of course, is whether there’s any way for those fantasies to come true.

What’s the point you say?  Admittedly, not much, aside from the fact I’m giving away a copy of Trompe L’oeil to a commenter today.  I’m KC  Burn, you can find me on the web at www.kcburn.com, and thanks to Rachel for having me here today!

* * * * *

Thanks to KC for joining us, and remember to say hi for your chance to win a free copy of her new release!


  1. The blub sounds good.

    So I am saying "hi".

  2. Hi KC! I know I've told you before, but I'm intrigued by your blurb. It's definitely on my To Read list.

  3. Hi K.C.! Gosh, I love your fantasies! Right now my fantasy is to be able to meet Tony Stark - which is a fantasy indeed because Tony Stark isn't quite real. LOL.

    Much love,
    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Fun to meet you briefly in NOLA, KC! I'm looking forward to Cop Out.

    Rachel: Um. You maybe want to blame sitting next to me at dinner on Saturday. I was starting to get a seriously sore throat at that point. I'm still felled by con crud, dammit.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, all!

    And grrr to Chris, because, seriously? I am still running a fever. But I'd still rather blame Kris; she's just so blamable ;D

  6. Um... yeah. Sorry! I spent Sunday napping, then had to drive home 1250 miles on Monday and Tuesday... so I think that set me back a bit.

    Maybe I shouldn't have kissed that bartender...

  7. Holy crap that's a long drive. Did you at least have fun with it--good company, neat stops? Or was it just a straight-through, head-down, get-home sort of thing?

    (And nah, that kiss was probably totes worth it.)

  8. Two days, heads down, get it done while listening to bad audiobooks because that's all my library had available to check out.

  9. Head down, not heads down. Sheesh. Cut me some slack, I'm sick. ;)

  10. *tries not to drip snot on Rachel*

  11. Sounds intriguing! Please enter me in the draw.

  12. Okay, I crashed within minutes of this getting posted... I'd better not be getting con crud, too!

    Pants Off Reviews - love the handle!

    Hi Pia - thanks so much! I have Make You Sweat, but I was concentrating on reading GRL authors (and failed, boo!) so I haven't gotten to it yet. Soon, I swear :)

    Beatrice - Ooh, yeah, Tony Stark. I can totally see that.

    Chris - thanks, it was great to meet you too! Coincidentally, I woke up to a release date for Cop Out (Nov 18) - hope you enjoy it!

    Hi Dianna - thanks for stopping by!

    And thanks again, Rachel, for having me.

    p.s. Google ate my first reply - I think - so if this ends up as a duplicate, I apologize.

  13. Please count me in, this blurb sounds interesting

    (Hopefully I'm not too late. Lost power most of last night, because it was raining. My apt loses power at the drop of a hat :()

  14. Hi Alex - sorry about the power, my last apt was like that! As far as I know, you're still in. If Rachel's okay with it, I thought we could choose a winner end of day today.

  15. "Cursed to live out eternity in a painting" - I'm loving that. The book looks amazing.


  16. @Alex: Aw, sorry to hear about the power issue, Alex. Water's still high enough here that we eyeball it warily every time it rains, and the power's been cutting out a lot in short bursts; I think there's a transformer station nearby that's basically flooding every time someone spits near it. Definitely not too late to enter.

    @KC: Whatever works for you is fine. Usually I leave drawings open at least a couple/few days so people get a chance to stop by. If you want to draw on Monday, even, that'd be fine.

  17. Marybelle - thanks! My editor said "voyeurism" and this is what fell out of my head :)

    Rachel - Monday is perfect, thanks.

  18. What a great sounding story! Please count me in. I gotta know. =)

    adara adaraohare com

  19. Cool story! Pleae enter me in the giveaway.
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  20. Ooh! Please count me in for the contest! I already have this book on my wishlist! :)

  21. Thanks everyone for stopping by! According to random.org, the winner is Adara - congratulations!

    Adara, I'll email you for details.


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