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Friday, October 14, 2011

Not-Posting, GayRomLit Style

Happy Friday, folks! I'm down in New Orleans at GayRomLit, so this'll be a short post. But I promise you stories and pictures when I get home on Monday. (Or maybe Wednesday; who knows how long I'll need to recover from rooming with Cat Grant and E.M. Lynley ;D)

Finally got to meet a ton of folks in person, including Riptide First Wavers Bryl Tyne and Brita Addams and the Riptide art director L.C. Chase. Also finally met Rowan Speedwell (eeeeeee!), Marie Sexton, J.P. Barnaby, Rick Reed, and many more, including some absolutely fabulous readers. Much fun--wish you were all here.

Now off with me to the riverboat cruise/book signing. See you Monday!

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