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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blood Feud Poetry

Afternoon all! Sadly, my guest today couldn't make it. Fortunately, I've been sitting on a rather hilarious bit of deathmatch poetry that a dear friend of mine wrote in honor of Kari Gregg's stomping-to-be at my hands in The Romance Review's 2010 Non-traditional Romance of the Year contest.

Before I move on to the poem . . . Some of you may know I'm a bit of a news junkie. I used to work in news, and I still read quite a bit of it (though I don't watch it so much anymore). Today I came across what is easily the funniest bit of legitimate news copy I've read all month, from TVNewser:

TMZ reports that [Chris] Brown threw a chair through his “GMA” dressing room window, and confronted a segment producer as he was leaving the building. He also ripped off his shirt for some reason before storming out.

(Ten bucks says someone's gonna wonder why they're getting referrals from an erotic romance blog :D)

And now, on to the rhymes, lovingly written by Caz Galloway.

The Romance Review awards are here
And things are getting tough,
Lovely Wicked smirks on one side
And Anchored: Belonging’s looking rough
Kari’s got a trailer and music with a beat,
But Rachel’s got a website with more than a little heat.

Lovely Wicked looks quite lovely like a visit to your Gran,
There’s a girl and there’s a boy and oh look, another man.
And there’s lovey and there’s dovey and it really makes you queasy,
For there’s nothing we hate more than a romance (and girl) that’s easy…

Whereas Anchored: Belonging, well we can’t say it’s nice,
Out of your darling sheltered hearts, it’s sure to cut a slice,
But there’s nekkidness and hotness and plenty of man-on-man,
I mean, just check out the cover, take a seat and take a fan…

It’s a tour de force of hotness (you’ll need more than one cold shower),
Not so much titillation as orgasm by the hour,
Nothing comes without a price (ask Daniel if you’re not sure)
But a mental scar or two ain’t too bad (it’s the whipping that’s most sore…)

So vote Lovely Wicked if you want some lukewarm longing,
But for heat enough to boil the kettle vote Anchored: Belonging,
Rachel’s the only girl who’s book can scratch your twisted itch,
Plus if you don’t vote for her, she’ll go and Cut. A. Bitch.

Thank you, Caz :D Now go forth, folks, and do as she says: VOTE ANCHORED! :D


  1. She is a clever one, that gal, isn't she? :D

  2. *is* :P

    I'm for hire at weddings, divorce courts, web feuds and family gatherings...

  3. LOL! How's your outline coming? ;-p

  4. Outline will be focused on this weekend when I have a functioning keyboard! (You don't realise how important the alphabet is until you don't have a full one and it takes five minutes to write one comment!)


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