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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Showdown Begins!

Yesterday, I made a post about the Grand Opening Celebration at the Romance Reviews. It's made of awesome, of course, and also of $2,000 in prizes for readers to win.

BUT, it's also made of opportunity for me to stomp my dear friend Kari Gregg into the bloodied ground, and really, who could pass up something like that?

To that end, dear readers, I need your help. If you click here, you'll see that part of the celebration is a Best Books of 2010 contest. Under the "Best Erotic Romance (Non-Traditional Lifestyle)" category, you'll see my amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring, conversation-dominating Anchored: Belonging (click to vote or read the review). You'll also see Kari Gregg's too-oft paragraph-broken, oversexed, girl-cootie infested Lovely Wicked. You wouldn't want girl cooties to win, now would you? Of course you could vote for one of those other books in the category, but then you run the risk of Kari pulling out a victory. But if we all band together and vote, as a group, for Anchored, then we can rest assured that Ms. Contaminating Our Genre With Girly Bits won't be able to win.

Totally selfless, yeah? And if you're feeling like voting at all is just too much bother, well, let me share with you two things I told Kari a while back:

1. The Romance Reviews is an awesome place filled with tons of fun things, not just reviews. Starting an account there is easy and worth the trouble.

2. I. Will. Cut a bitch.

That is all :D

And on an entirely different note, I did a really fun interview today with Sarah Ballance, author of Run to You (of super-hot cover model fame, among other things). She asked some very interesting questions, and I think I talked her ear off. Also, I'm neck deep in Crescendo right now (along with a couple other projects that I'm hoping to kick out into the world soon), and I'm finding my free time for blogging is disappearing. So for now at least, I'm going to drop back to updating this blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with perhaps the occasional bit of news in between. Thanks so much to all of you for following so faithfully--I promise I'll try to make those three weekly posts well worth the visit.

Hugs to you all!

(Now go vote! [For Anchored, damn you!])


  1. You forgot to mention that if you vote for Anchored, somewhere in the world, a sweet fluffy baby chick dies. Fer realz.

    Do YOUR part for the environment! Prevent animal cruelty! Vote for Lovely Wicked!

    *snicker, snicker, SNORT*

  2. @Amara: Don't think that just because you're friends with both of us this somehow gets you out of voting for Anchored. I'll know. I have eyes everywhere. ;-p

  3. Voted! Ha, I'm proud of myself, because I've helped out and thanks to me there will be less of girl-cooties *snicker*.

    Even though, I'm so looking forward to read Crescendo I hope you'll find some free time in between your writing. And I can't wait to hear about your other projects :D.

  4. Thanks for your support, Barbara! That's one less kitten that will be eaten by a rattlesnake (as is wont to occur when people vote for Kari Gregg).

    All the other projects I'm working on are listed on the In the Works section of the blog and my website, but I'll leave you to guess which among them has my attention now :-p

  5. LOL Well, knowing you "will cut a bitch"... does almost get you my vote. I am slightly afraid of you at the moment.

    aaaand... I'm over that now. ;-p

  6. @Amara: ROFL!

    But, remember, I hold the keys to my sexy sexy basement of horrors-for-hot-guys. If you ever want back in . . .

  7. Damn! Get a kitten eaten or kill a chick? I'm not sure which is worse...

    Will puppies be safe either way?

  8. Yes, puppies are safe either way. But remember, at least when a chick dies, people can eat it. When the kitten dies, nobody wins but the poisonous snake.

  9. But chicks are so cute... and I do like snakes.


    You wouldn't hurt me... right?

  10. Kittens are cute too!

    You wouldn't hurt me... right?

    Let's go with "probably not." ;-p

  11. Kittens grow up to be cats who hiss and spit. Chicks grow up to be chickens who... well, scrat.

    I'm still suffering PTSD from previous hurt by you :P I like to think the scar tissue has became part of my personality now. But I don't need anymore.

  12. Well, then I guess we know who you're voting for ;D

  13. Yes. Jane Austen. She writes like an angsty teen but at least she's dead and can't hurt me.

    Unless she comes back as a zombie...


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