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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Blog Tour Continues, Now with Deleted Scene! (And Random Good News!)

Morning-- er, afternoon, folks. Apologies for the late start today; had to take my mom to the eye doc's this morning (she had cataract surgery yesterday and now doesn't need her glasses--I'm jealous!) and the wait was foreeeeeeeeeeeever.

(Aaaand, I just reminded myself of REO Speedwagon . . . When I said that I love you I meant that I love you foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever!)

Anyway, lots of excitement today on the Anchored blog tour. First up is a stop at author Brita Addams's blog, where those of you who've already bought the book (or those of you considering it) are in for a real treat: Brita has posted the entire deleted prologue--all five pages of it! The prologue was cut during the final edit so that the book could start right with the action, but there's a lot of history in that bit that I think readers will find interesting, and I'm very happy to be able to share it with you all. The second stop today is at my dear friend and Break and Enter co-writer Aleksandr Voinov's blog (and he's also written a few things himself here and there ;-p). He's apparently an even bigger slacker than I am, though, as his review isn't up yet. But visit his blog anyway; he's brilliant and occasionally funny and always full of wonderful insight about the M/M niche and publishing in general. Aleks has posted an interview that focuses in large part on the darker side of my fiction, which we all know is the bigger half by far ;-)

On a completely different note, AllRomanceEbooks has just written to tell me they'd like to use one of my short stories from Sublime as their free read in an upcoming weekly newsletter, so I'm super excited about that :D Don't know yet when it'll be out--they could well plan months ahead--but I'll be sure to let you know when it is.

Also in the good news department . . . If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I've been on the hunt for an agent to represent White Lies, a psychological thriller about a reporter who goes missing in Afghanistan for three months and wakes up in Turkey with no crew, a lot of bruises, and a giant hole in his memory. The first thing I discovered on the agent hunt is that it's easier to get published than it is to get representation . . . especially when you're trying to cross genres and there's no guarantee your romance fans will read your thrillers. But, despite that, I'm confident and in good spirits about it, and even managing the long waits without chewing up the walls too badly. It helps to have many encouraging moments, such as the one last night where an agent I'd absolutely love to be represented by contacted me and asked for the full manuscript. I queried her back in the beginning of December, and she asked for the first 50 pages the very next day. I know it can take several months for an agent to review a partial, so I wasn't expecting to hear back from her so soon. Fingers crossed she likes what she sees!

Well, that's enough rambling for today. Thanks as always for hanging in, and I hope to see you over at Brita and Aleks's blogs today. And remember, as always, one commenter on each blog will win a free book, and one commenter on each blog will win a free swag bag!


  1. *passes the whip* tis for the slackers ;)

  2. Haha, YUM :D

    (Somehow, I don't think Aleks will approve.)

  3. Well it looks like there is so much great stuff going on...Congrats

  4. Thanks kindly, Savannah! It's definitely an exciting time right now :D

  5. I was absent for few days and I've already missed so many things! (stupid illness-.-) I truly hope the agent you've mentioned will love your story and White Lies will be published soon :). I'll keep my fingers crossed. Now, all I need to do is to catch up with all blog tour's stops :D.

  6. Hello!!! Nice place you got here. Keep me posted about WL, please, please! I'd also love to see it published (especially after all that keyboard throwing :P)

    Seems like a lot of awesome things are coming your way. CONGRATS!! ;)

    Have a great weekend,


    PS: Give my regards to your mom.

  7. Yay my lovely White Lies cowriter comes to visit! :D :D :D

    I shall indeed keep you posted, m'dear. Believe me, if I get The Call, you will be the third to know. (Cos, you know, me and the agent. Well, okay, maybe fourth, since my mother will probably hear me screaming eight towns over.)

  8. @Barbara, welcome back, and I hope you're feeling better? Thanks for the well-wishes; I suspect I'll be hearing back from the agent in a few months and will definitely share good news if I have it. Statistically speaking, it won't be good news (even the vast majority of requests for full mss don't end in representation), but I'm staying positive, damn it! :D

  9. I know, a bit late reply, but I had to catch up with studies :(. Now, I'm feeling much better, thank you so much for asking. You definitely should stay positive and I truly believe you'll hear the good news. But I hope it won't take this much time to hear back from the agent. Still, I'll keep my fingers crossed really hard for your success :D.

  10. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Barbara :) With agents, I know their first priority is to their existing clients--as it should be!--and they are super busy, so it's not at all uncommon to wait three or even six months to hear back. Sometimes more. Curiously, the electronic age seems to be changing some of that, though. For instance, I submitted my query letter via email to a small handful of first-choice agents in early December. Within the first week I'd heard from about a quarter of them, either requesting more info or saying no thanks. I was gobsmacked to have heard back so fast. And then when they do request partials and fulls, they can load the manuscripts onto their e-readers and take them with them wherever they go, so if they have a few spare minutes in a waiting room or a line or whatever, it's easy to just whip it out and read through a submission. So, yeah, things do seem to be going much, much faster these days. Also much more environmentally friendly, so a good thing all around :D


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