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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taking Story Requests, and Kari Gregg Is Awesome

Well, one half of that blog title needs no explanation, so let me talk about the other half. You see, Kari Gregg . . .

Heh, just kidding. (ILU Kari.) So, this "taking story requests" thing. I'm currently working on a short story collection in the Anchored world. Four are already written:
  1. A sweet story about Daniel's first days at NewWorld at age ten, told through the eyes of a narrator one year older than him.
  2. A hot little blowjob-in-the-bathroom story between Daniel and the narrator from the first story, several years later.
  3. A little vignette from Tim's POV in his early days working with Daniel. (I may not be able to get this one up to snuff, so it may not end up in the collection.)
  4. A little vignette from Daniel's POV on the Fourth of July, shortly after being separated from Victor.
So, here's the thing. I need two more stories to complete the collection. I might end up writing three or four if there's time and sufficient inspiration. I have a bunch of ideas, but I also know that you guys have a bunch of questions, so I wanted to turn the floor over to you. Tell me what you want to read about? What periods in Daniel's life would you like to see? (Please note this whole collection takes place before the events in Anchored, so the Daniel/Carl relationship will have to wait for the book-length sequel.) Would you like to see the first time Daniel and Victor hook up? Make-up sex? A sweet romantic day off shared together? Daniel's awkward attempts to "breed" with a woman? (I know, I know, girl cooties . . . but it could be hilarious girl cooties; I'm willing to explore it.) A horny Daniel, post-forced-breakup, masturbating in his little private dorm room while fantasizing about Victor? Post your ideas in the comments. If I write your story, you win a free copy of the book when it releases and a thank-you in the acknowledgements.

Now, on to the other part of today's post, which is of course that today is the second-to-last day of the Anchored blog tour. And boy is it ever going out with a bang! First up is a stop at Kari Gregg's, where she has made a delicious video book trailer for Anchored. She's also posted a review that has me grinning ear to ear. (See? ---> :D :D :D)

The second stop today is over at the delightful Desert Island Keepers blog, where none other than Daniel himself is giving an interview. It took a lot of courage for Daniel to answer such frank questions, so I hope you'll go support the poor boy. He'll also be hanging around with the Desert Island ladies all day, so if you have any more questions for him, just ask them in the comments and he'll answer you if he can.

Meanwhile, I'll be hanging at the Noble Romance Yahoo Loop all day today ("today" being Saturday, GMT -5, despite my having essentially posted this Friday night). Come hang out, say hi, ask me anything you'd like to ask and chat about anything you'd like to chat about. I was told there would be punch and pie.*

As always, one commenter on each blog will win a free book, and one commenter on each blog will win a swag bag. See you there!

*Is this joke getting old yet?


  1. Love that trailer. Very cool :)

    I have to say, I want to see all of those Anchored ideas, but when I was reading it, I wanted to see/know more about Daniel and Victor. :)

  2. Hey Rachel - I'm just transferring my request here: I'd like to see how Daniel became a news anchor!

  3. hi

    i would love to read
    1. Victor and Daniel. From the day they meet till the day they separated. Why? I had a feeling Victor might pops up in your sequel.
    2. Daniel and his mistress.

    thank you!

  4. Hi Rachel, I'd be interested in seeing something of Daniel's life outside the studio. How he does while traveling for work, mingling with freemen and other slaves maybe a bit of how he spends his free time.

  5. Thanks to all who've posted story requests/ideas so far--keep 'em coming! But remember, my editor's looking for erotic romance, so any shorts suggested should lend themselves to that possibility (although, never underestimate my capacity to work sex into anything ;-p).

  6. 1. Carl seeing Daniel for the first time and fantasizing about what it'd be like to own him.
    2. Victor and Daniel first meet up or the day Victor and Daniel separated.
    3. Ben Cheng's Point of View.

  7. I'd love to request something, but first I need to read Anchored (I'm going to order it tomorrow *happy dance*), so maybe I'll ask about something in the future, if you give us another chance ;).

  8. Hi Barbara :) This post is open. You can add suggestions any time you like. If I can't address your questions/suggestions in an upcoming short, I may be able to address them in the next novel, or maybe in a future shorts collection if the first one does okay. So I hope to see your thoughts when you're done with Anchored :)

  9. Moniqee suggestion about how Carl first met/ saw Daniel whatever sounds good to as well. I wondered why Carl went through all the trouble and hands out so much money. Show us what makes Daniel so special to him.


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