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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Free Book, New Page, and Vistaprint Is a Disease

Afternoon, folks! I'm retreating from my editing cave just long enough to assure you all I'm not dead yet, although after so long without good sleep, I'm starting to feel that way. (I think I sent my editor an email last night that said, in its entirety, "God you're awesome." And then something about magnets and shiny things. Too afraid to check my sent mail to find out.)

So, three quick things for your attention today:

One, there's a new free book in town, and It. Is. Awesome. The M/M Romance group over at Goodreads hosted a wonderful stocking-stuffer writing event in December. Readers got to write letters to santa based on any erotic photo they wanted. Writers got to read said letters (and gaze longingly at said photos) and pick one as a prompt for a short story. The result? Twenty-five (often hilarious) wishes for Santa, and twenty-five free short stories from some of your favorite gay erotic romance writers (M.J. O'Shea, A.J. Llewellyn, Serena Yates, Kim Dare, Mark Alders, and so many more!). The stories posted individually, one (and occasionally two) a day, but now you can find them all in a lovely little package, free for download in the format of your choice on Goodreads. I have a little free read in this book too, a BDSM fic called "Pony Up." You'll never guess what it's about ;-p

Next up, you'll notice I've been adding some new pages to my website. My Books (a list of, well, my books) and Coming Soon (a list of most of the projects I have in the works, sorted by their various stages of competion/publication) have been up there a few days now, as has the Anchored Blog Tour page, which is a hub for all the great activities and swag with schedules, links, prize pack details, etc. But the Upcoming Events page is new, so please, hop on over and have a look! It's a great way to keep abreast of blogs I'll be visiting and bloggers who will be visiting here, as well as the occasional giveaway or industry event. Also, $10 says it'll make you laugh* :-)

Last up, with new cover art in my greedy little hands, I hopped over to Vistaprint yesterday to order swag swag swag! I . . . may have gone a little overboard. I can't help it; it's a disease. You all will simply have to help me find homes for all this stuff by following the blog tour and winning it. Or not winning it and getting some anyway. Because, seriously, I may need to put an addition on the house to store it all. In fact, if you want a free magnet and an autographed Anchored cover flat (and who knows, maybe some other stuff too), just leave a comment on this post, and I'll mail it to you when my stuff arrives in a few weeks. 

Well, that's it for me, folks. Back into my editing cave. Until next time!

*Will you accept an unsigned third-party check? No? Okay, how about some swag? I'll have it leaking out my ears soon.


  1. LOLOL, first... you crack me up. Just sayin.

    Second... I just downloaded that book yesterday. I didn't realize you were in it. Awesome possum.

    Third... You are vera busy. iz hard to stalk you when you're so vera busy. I'd best be on my toes. =)

    Lastly... SWAG!!!! heehee

    Bye now =D

    Oh... blog looks great! K. Bye now

    heehee, my veri word was yopinis. That makes me giggle. K. Bye for reals this time.

  2. Free swag? Count me in.

    By the way, I'd be very interested in you writing something along the lines of erotic steampunk. Any interest?

    OK Dear. I lack the energy to stalk -- I'l leave that to Amara. Otherwise, please be in touch.

  3. @Amara: Hello, Amara darlin! Apologies for making it so hard to find me while lurking outside my window. Editing cave and all that :( I wish I could say it'd be over soon, b/c the edits are due in about 16 hours, but after that I've gotta hustle the edits for Break & Enter or we'll miss the submission deadline, and in between I have a huge heap of work to do for the blog tour. I'm also supposed to be writing Crescendo right now, which . . . isn't going terribly well (but shhh, don't tell Tal!).

    And the captcha? ALWAYS KNOWS. :D

    @Justin: Hello dear! See above comment re: keeping in touch. I'll call you when the crazy-making month is over. In the meanwhile, you may console yourself re: my absense with your beard hat. Love ya, dear!

  4. Oh, I meant that huge busy schedule you put up on that Upcoming Events page. Looks like lots of chasing you around. :)

    You edit away my dear. Don't mind me. I cheer quietly too. I'd say I'd leave you alone, but... that would be a lie. So...

    *whispers* go Rachel, go Rachel

    heehee, 'K.. bye. *tip toes out*

  5. Ah, that makes sense. Just think, in your chasing, you may find new authors to stalk :D (Not that I want to share you. A girl only has so many claymores to go around . . .)

    You crack me up, m'dear. Thanks for the smiles on this very, very long week.


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