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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Quiz Time! Over $100 in Prizes Up for Grabs!

Afternoon, all, and welcome to the very last Anchored blog tour stop. Here are the questions I promised you. Kindly email your answers to metarachel (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject "Blog tour contest entry." Email even if you only answered one or two; after all, you never know how many people will particiate or what a winning score might be :-)

  1. From Nina Pierce's Blog: Name one of my idols of the barely-AU.
  2. From Angela White's Blog: What do I wear to bed?
  3. From L.C. Chase's Blog: How much does chip implantation cost?
  4. From Billi Jean's Blog: How many sittings did Billi read Anchored in?
  5. From D. Renee Bagby's Blog: Who are "magnets for the bad shit"?
  6. From Nights of Passion: What food did Daniel make for himself when he found himself alone? 
  7. From Reena Jacobs's Blog: What's the name of the restaurant where Carl found Jane?
  8. From Shakir Rashan's Blog: What makes Daniel a hit with the public?
  9. From Alan Chin's Blog: Who did I want to be when I grew up?
  10. From Marie Sexton's Blog: Who painted the cover for Counterpoint?
  11. From Bryl Tyne's Blog: Which character stole Bryl's heart? 
  12. From Coffee Time Romance: Which two slaves are up for Sherrif's Auction? 
  13. From Amara's Place: What's the master's favorite meal? 
  14. From Rick Reed's Blog: How many host blogs was I looking for when I first started planning the tour? 
  15. From Brita Addams's Blog: What was the job title of the man who bought Daniel?
  16. From Aleksandr Voinov's Blog: Who did I rescue when I played make-believe with my sister as a child?
  17. From Kari Gregg's Blog: "NewWorld Media, the company that owns Daniel, needs to boost ______" (fill in the blank).
  18. From Desert Island Keepers: Who does Daniel blame for his punishments?

Individual Tour Stop Winners! (Free copies of Counterpoint courtesy of Guiltless Pleasure Publishing, yay!)
  1. Lisabet Sarai (free ebook, Nina Pierce stop)
  2. James L. Hatch (swag bag, Nina Pierce stop)
  3. Rawiya L (swag bag, Angela White stop)
  4. C. Zampa (free ebook, Angela White stop)
  5. Chaos in the Moonlight (swag bag, L.C. Chase stop)
  6. Christine Bell (free ebook, L.C. Chase stop)
  7. Barbara (free ebook, Billi Jean stop)
  8. Tracey D. (swag bag, Billi Jean stop)
  9. Mindy (swag bag, D. Renee Bagby stop)
  10. Dawn (free ebook, D. Renee Bagby stop)
  11. Lin W (free ebook, Nights of Passion stop)
  12. Lil' Grogan (swag bag, Nights of Passion stop)
  13. Shiela (free ebook, Reena Jacobs stop)
  14. Kari Gregg (swag bag, Reena Jacobs stop)
  15. She (swag bag, Shakir Rashan stop)
  16. Lil' Grogan (free ebook, Shakir Rashan stop)
  17. Bookworm (swag bag, Alan Chin stop)
  18. Alex (free ebook, Alan Chin stop)
  19. Ethan Stone (swag bag, Marie Sexton stop)
  20. Janel (free ebook, Marie Sexton stop)
  21. Dawn Staniszenski (swag bag, Bryl Tyne stop)
  22. Rie McGaha (free ebook, Bryl Tyne stop)
  23. Kayelle Allen (free ebook, Coffee Time Romance stop)
  24. Stevie Carroll (swag bag, Coffee Time Romance stop)
  25. Wusswoo (swag bag, Amara's Place stop)
  26. Brandi (free ebook, Amara's Place stop)
  27. Bookworm (free ebook, Rick Reed stop)
  28. Brandi (swag bag, Rick Reed stop)
  29. Amara (swag bag, Brita Addams stop)
  30. Tracey D (free ebook, Brita Addams stop)
  31. Tracykitn (swag bag, Aleksandr Voinov stop)
  32. Zarkina (free ebook, Aleksandr Voinov stop)
  33. Shiela (swag bag, Kari Gregg stop)
  34. Amara (free ebook, Kari Gregg stop)
  35. Amy Lane (free ebook, Desert Island Keepers stop)
  36. Lea (swag bag, Desert island Keepers stop)
Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all who participated in the tour in any way! I'll be contacting each of the winners one by one, but if you haven't heard from me by tomorrow, you might want to poke me. And remember, just because you've already won doesn't mean you can't win again, so send in those answers! :D


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! :-D

  2. Thanks for letting me in on the fun, Rachel! And congrats to all the winners!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners (and to myself ;). Just a moment ago, I sent my answers. Some questions were easy, some were more difficult, but nonetheless it was a great fun :D. Thank you again for organizing this blog tour~!


  4. Just a quick heads up for everyone: nothing less than a perfect score will do! I've gotten enough perfect answers to push all others out of prize contention, so check your list twice before you send it in! :D

  5. since i totally missed the blog tour until the last entry over at dik, i read all the entries today & hopefully got the right answers. lol.

    awesome blog tour. wasn't boring as in lot of things repeating, so i enjoyed it very much.

  6. Hi gcony :) I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the tour. A lot of people worked very hard to provide fresh content at every stop, but we all had a ton of fun doing it, and I'll definitely be doing this again with my next big release :) Good luck with the final prize drawing, and thanks for stopping by!

  7. oooh, I won stuff?! Awesome! It usually never happens to me, but here lately I've had my Dad's luck! Fun! (#31 on the list, if you need it my email's tracykitn AT yahoo DOT com)

  8. You did indeed, Tracy. I'll get in touch with you now :)

  9. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for the Prize, I can't wait to get it and read! Here is my email: zarkina (AT) wirrelwind (DOT) net. I am sure I will become another of your many fans. Thanks again!


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