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Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Have a Winner -- And You Can Be One, Too!

Happy New Year to you all, and an extra special congratulations to diane.nyc, who won my first-post contest for an autographed copy of Counterpoint: Book I of Song of the Fallen! (Diane, I've sent you an email.) For the methodology wonks among us (*sheepishly raises hand*), I assigned each follower a number (1 to 25), and each comment on the first post a number (26 to 54). I then hopped over to Random.org and used the true random number generator. It spit out "1."

Now, how can you still be a winner? A couple ways. The first is to ask me a question: anything you've ever wanted to know about writing/editing/publishing/creating in general, or about my process/books/characters/life/future projects in particular. (But please, do try to refrain asking about my Three Mile Island toes ;-p) For organization's sake, please be sure to leave your question on the Ask An Author post, rather than this one. I'll be divvying up your questions into three groups, and featuring each group on a different blog during the Anchored Release Party Blog Tour.

Which brings me to your other way to win a free copy of Counterpoint. I'll be stopping at approximately fifteen different blogs during the Anchored Release Party Blog Tour (schedule to come soon), and every single one of the host blogs will be raffling off an ebook copy of Counterpoint, courtesy of my amazing publisher, Guiltless Pleasure Publishing (who is currently open for novel-length submissions, by the way, and offering a whopping $750 advance!). How do you win one of those free copies? Easy! Just stop by each host blog during the tour and leave a meaningful comment (i.e., one that adds to the conversation, rather than "Ooh, grabby-hands please!" ;-p). At the end of the tour, stop right back here at Fantasy Unbound for an opportunity to win even more and bigger prizes.

Well, that's enough of the hard sell for me today. I hear hard sells and hangovers don't mix. (Does anything mix with hangovers?) Hope you all had a fantabulous New Years Eve and that you'll all have a fantabulous 2011 ahead of you. Thanks for helping to make my New Year a little more fun, exciting, and promising than the last.


  1. Congratulations Diane. :)

    Rachel, um, just curious, but... do you always have so much going on? I'm only asking so know how closely to watch you... being the little stalker that I am and all. ;)

    And, no... nothing really mixes with hangovers. Not that I've found anyway. Just sayin'

  2. Haha god, I hope not. I think most of what's going on in my life right now is the craziness of the blog tour and the craziness of colliding head-first with Aleks and realizing he was me with a penis. (Uh oh, here come the Viagra-selling spam bots.)

    I'll always try to have something worthwhile to say up here, at least a book review if nothing else, a few times a week. And I'll probably do a guest blog or activity or giveaway somewhere once or twice every month. But when the blog tour is over, mostly I'll just be huddled up with Crescendo, writing writing writing, and it'll probably get a little quieter then in my corner of the internets.


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