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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Alas, my dearies, I must leave you now for sun and sand, tacky tiki bars, and hot men in speedos. (Well, okay, probably not that last part, but at least there won't be snow, which at this point is plenty good enough.) People have suggested that a Hottie of the Day would not go amiss, so I'm taking care of that now, and you can come back to see a nice little jem most days I'm gone. A couple days will even feature actual content, such as author interviews and maybe a sneak peek or two. And don't forget to join me at Simply Sexy Stories on February 14, where I'm sure my topic of choice will shock you all to the very core ;-)

Until then, I leave you with . . . well, not a hottie, but still pretty adorable. Behind a cut for potential NSFWness.

Good dog!

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