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Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview Fun and a Shiny New Paperback!

Greetings all :-) As I mentioned a few days back, Sublime: Collected Shorts is now available in print at just $6.95. For those of you who found Createspace's shipping costs prohibitive, I'm pleased to announce that the Sublime trade paperback came available on Amazon this evening, where it's eligible for free shipping. In that regard, I'd like to turn the floor briefly over to Jay Sherman, who has a wise and important message for you all on my behalf ;-)

In other news, I'm being interviewed over at Leanne Dyck's blog today. And tomorrow as well, actually, as the interview went kind of long, so she's posting it over two days. Peek in on or after 9 AM pacific time to learn all about my sordid history as a game store owner and how that helped me become a writer.

And don't forget that tomorrow there'll be some writing prompt excitement with the one and only Indigo Skye, who'll be giving away one free copy of her upcoming release to an amateur writer among us. I'll be sweetening the pot by offering an editorial critique on one person's prompt-fic, of the kind I used to do for contracted authors when working editorial at Avalon Publishing.

Lastly, I've made a few updates to my website, RachelHaimowitz.com, in particular on the "About Me" and "Upcoming Works" pages. If you've ever wondered how I look in hippie facepaint (and surely that question keeps you all up at night), go on and check it out.


  1. LOLOL been away since I've seen ol' Jay. Nice. Congrats on the shiny book release my dear. How cool. I love ebooks, but there is just nothing like a shiny paperback if you ask me.

    Oh... and I'm stealin' your guy here. Damn woman, you find the best yummy!

    Hope you have a great day :)

  2. The Critic is one of my favorite shows ever. Sadly, I think it came out well before its time--it was, when released, too clever for its own good, and people didn't quite know what to do with it. There were some web shorts made at some point, but I'm guessing my dream of it coming back will never happen. I will simply have to settle for wedging that 8-second video into as many blog posts as humanly possible ;-)

    Guy In Storm Drain was from Beautiful Mag. They have sooooooooooo many hotties there.

  3. Agreed on the Critic. Loved that show.

    I love Beautiful Mag, I'm over there a lot, but you seem to come out with goods I haven't found. Super yum. :)

    I have to go find your interview now. I went looking yesterday and didn't see it. *waves* bye now.


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