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Monday, August 15, 2011

Authors After Dark Photo Recap

Afternoon, all! I'm finally recovered from the wild time that was Authors After Dark 2011 (or #AADPhilly for my tweeps out there), and now I come bearing photos. I also came home with fifteen(!!!) free books and two giant tote bags stuffed with swag. It was pretty insane.

I also have karaoke video, but Blogger is giving me fits, so I'll be putting that up on my facebook page instead.

Met lots of wonderful new-to-me authors and readers, and also finally met a great many of my GR, Twitter, and blog buddies who I'd never seen face to face before. All the fun, beneath the jump--click to embiggen.

Law In Romance panel. The lovely lady standing is fellow M/M author and litigator-by-day James Buchanan.

Steampunker at the hospitality suite.

IDEKW at a Wine and Cheese party.

Photos do this man's costume NO justice. It was AMAZING.

Airship captain and his mechanic at the second Wine and Cheese party.
Pin the Cock on the Founding Father.

The line of ladies waiting to pin a cock on a founding father :)

Gift basket raffles in the dealer room.

Absolutely gorgeous steampunk costume dealer.

A close-up of some of the beautiful work this vendor offered.

A different steampunk vendor. I tried to get a good shot of the goggles, but the light wasn't cooperating.

Love love love the various horns and ears, and also the little birds on the tiny hats.

D. Renee Bagby of First Chapters fame, wearing ears from the vendor in the prior picture.

Best badge of the whole show. And yes, he did answer to that.

Happy raffle winner, yay!

Cat Grant being classy as ever on the BDSM panel.

Lovely costumes at the Mythos Ball. (The next several photos are also from the Mythos Ball.

Film crew taking a break from shooting their PBS documentary on romance writers to enjoy the Mythos dinner.

Andrew Grey at the Mythos dinner.

Early dresser for the Steampunk Ball.

Con organizer Stella looking lovely as always.


More booksigning

Best. Tote bag. Ever.

New Riptide Publishing author Taylor Donovan at the booksigning.

Author Liz Silver.

At the Steampunk dinner! (As are the next several photos.)

In the background of this gorgeous dress is a great many more gorgeous dresses and corsets for sale in the dealer room.

I wish I'd shot this from behind, because those wings are made of clockwork that you can't see from the front.


  1. We acquired some cute people. And Cat. :)

  2. Awesome pics darlin'. Looks like nothin' but fun!

  3. Certainly it was mostly fun. Some really spectacular times, and it was great to meet all these folks face to face. The one drawback, I'd say, is that if you're an introvert like me, it really does get exhausting to have no time or space to yourself for many days in a row. But it was SO worth it :D

  4. Wow, it looks like an absolute blast! :)

  5. Yup! For super-extra fun, be sure to check out the karaoke videos I posted on facebook >:D

  6. Facebook- and twitter-free lifestyle here. :)

  7. Ah. I tried to post the videos here, but Blogger kept flaking out :(

  8. Oooh, cool pics, Rachel! :) I especially liked the cock-sticking thing. Made me laughing out loud. *rofl*

  9. We were all laughing pretty hard during that event, too :D Was a BRILLIANT idea for a con taking place in Philadelphia :D

  10. Ok, I don't get that joke. There is one in it, right? *lol* o.O

  11. Yes, our constitution was drafted in Philly, and the men who drafted it are referred to as our founding fathers :)

  12. *slaps head* Ok, now I get it. I remember that the participants had to stick the dick to the founding fathers. I should read more carefully next time. *lol* Thanks for explaining. :)


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