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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sex So Good the Earth Shoo-- Oh, Wait.

Yeah, so, that was a thing that happened, eh? My first earthquake ever. If you live in the affected area, was it your first as well? Did you know what it was when it happened? I . . . did not. I've had attacks of vertigo on rare occasion, so that was my first thought. My second, since I live about 10 minutes by air from Newark Airport, was that we were being buzzed by a plane. My third was that a plane had crashed. My fourth was a bomb. Friggin' earthquake in Central Jersey? Yeah, that was a distant fifth. And thank goodness it was nothing serious, because even after I figured it out, I was still just sitting at my computer, watching stuff on the walls rattle, totally baffled. Here, let me illustrate:


Then all my neighbors went outside to O_o at each other. After a few minutes, we decided that, yes, that did actually just happen.

And then . . . then pictures of the devastation started coming in from Washington:

via famousdc.com

So, er, yeah, everyone's fine round these parts, except perhaps for a little too much group excitement :-)


  1. Haha! Same here.

    I get dizzy spells, so I thought it was just me until everyone at work was saying, "Did you feel that!"

    However, while everyone was gabbing and such I was working hard (we're terribly short-handed at the moment).

    It was kind of cool to experience my first earthquake though, especially since it wasn't much of anything :)

  2. I was at work and felt the ground rumble, then all the computers started shaking. My first thought was that someone crashed on one of the upper floors, then I felt it that the GROUND was actually shaking, and it was like WTF???? LOL

    I work in a doctor's office, so we had to make sure all of the patients were ok and out of danger, so that kept me focused. I NEVER thought that I would experience that kind of thing in DE!

  3. @Alex: I think that sentiment is actually very common, and certainly one I share too--that it was actually pretty cool, but only because it was so mild.

    @Rho: Yeah, you and me both with the O_o :)


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