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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Autographed Ebooks with Kindlegraph!

Happy Monday, folks. This weekend, a friend of mine discovered a very cool little application that lets you collect personalized electronic autographs on your Kindle! The site is KindleGraph.com, and I thought it was pretty neat, so I created a page there too: http://kindlegraph.com/authors/RachelHaimowitz.

Neat, huh? You just go to the site, search for the book you'd like autographed, and send a request. The author receives the request, types in a note, signs it, and hits "send." (You'll receive the document via your Kindle email address.) And viola!, you have a signed ebook :-) (For more information, play their "about" video.)

I'm happy to sign anyone's ebook--I don't even think you actually need to own the ebook (it looks like KindleGraph basically sends you a signed title page that you can then add to a folder on your Kindle or manually insert into your own PDF documents). After all, this author's ego isn't big enough already . . . as you can tell by her referring to herself in the third person.

And if your favorite authors aren't on Kindlegraph yet? Well, I'm sure most of them wouldn't mind you giving them a little poke through their various social networking sites. I'll be doing some poking of my own for sure. Watch out, Rowan Speedwell, my poking stick is sharp >:D


  1. Wow! This is very very neat! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to look into this feature.

  2. *makes grabby hands* Wants! MuchMuch :D

    That is all.

  3. I thought it was pretty cool too. Hopefully word will spread and all our favorite authors will sign up :)


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