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Friday, August 19, 2011

A Good Editor . . .

. . . is worth her weight not just in gold, but also in coffee, chocolate, and kittens. While I'm neck deep in some very, very good (and difficult, sigh) edits on Crescendo that will make the book about a thousand times better than it was in draft form, I wanted to take this Friday to celebrate good editors all around the world, and mine in particular, Tal Valante.

(Actually, I'm pretty sure the cat's hers too.)

So thank you, Tal, for kicking my ass with such gleeful vigor and skill.

Have a lovely weekend, folks. I'll be huddled indoors, nursing my sore ass and the slowly emerging wheat from the chaff of my first draft :-)


  1. Aww, thanks dear. There's little I enjoy in the world more than kicking your butt, but even that's easily topped by the gorgeous material that comes out from under your hands.

    You can come to me any time you need a literary whopping :-p


    (Now mush, girl, mush!)

  2. *quivers in fear and gets back to rewriting that scene*


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